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Because of cost concerns, the City chooses not to implement all of the recommendations in LAN’s June 10 proposal. In July 2013, the City of Flint enters into an initial consulting contract for the Flint Water Treatment Plant. Under the contract the City authorizes less than $200,000 for LAN to perform an initial service to evaluate the FWTP’s mechanical, electrical and structural condition.

LAN’s work uncovers a number of significant mechanical, electrical and structural issues. Over the course of the next several months the City narrows LAN’s original scope of work based on costs and the City’s need to address the poor condition of the plant that was identified in LAN’s initial work. LAN and the City ultimately agree to a revised scope of work focused solely on the design of certain, specific components of the FWTP.[July-October 2013 Proposed Scope of Upgrades] ] At no time is LAN responsible for water treatment and quality issues.